New HUB for teens with SEND stops them getting ‘lost in space’ and enables them to get the most from social media. July 2020

Developed by Youthworks in partnership with Internet Matters and supported by facebook.

Workshops, interviews and consultations gave us insights into what was needed by teens, their parents, carers and teachers.
Young people were at the centre of this work from start to launch. It offers advice, animations, activities to do together, downloadables, a digital passport and more. Connecting Safely Online.

The launch video

Life Online for young people with SEND
Report of the workshop and consultations for this exciting hub.

New report Look At Me: Teens, Sexting and Risks June 2020

We are delighted to offer this report Look At Me: Teens, Sexting and Risks – the next in the Cybersurvey series. Exploring not only experiences of sexting, the reasons why the young people did it, and what happened as a result – this report finds other ripples of risk and consequence clusters that all in safeguarding roles should watch for.

Vulnerable Children in a Digital World


Media Release

Youthworks,  has published a report in partnership with Internet Matters, co-authored by Youthworks Director Adrienne Katz and Research lead Dr  Aiman El Asam – showing that high risk online experiences can be anticipated in children who are vulnerable offline.  It aims to change the conversation around teaching children and young people about digital life and help the most vulnerable.


  • Award!
    Adrienne Katz is honoured to have been awarded ‘Inspirational Individual of the Year’ by the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation in the  StandUp Champion awards.


National Cybersurvey 2019

The CYBERSURVEY is an annual online survey exploring young people’s digital experiences. This is the 11th year. School could take part free  thanks to a generous partnership with Internet Matters.

Latest reports 

The survey went national across the entire UK. 

The quesions cover all aspects of online life for 11-16 year olds. There are vital messages for educators on young people’s digital lives. Use what is learned for staff training, equality monitoring and safeguarding. Your action plans will be informed by this annual survey. Stay  up to date and adjust your online safety practice.


How about doing it in 2020 with your learners? 

  • 2020 Sign ups will begin at the end of August.

FREE Cybersurvey reports and briefing papers or read about our academic research partnership.

To mark 10 years of the Cybersurvey we issued Vulnerable Children in a Digital World

In the 11th year of the Cybersurvey we have issued Look At Me, Teens, Sexting and Risks the first in a series of briefings and reports.

  • Young people’s digital lives
    Our research partnership with Dr Aiman El Asam published vulnerable young people and their experiences of online risk in the journal, Human-Computer Interaction.



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Guidance Development
Youthworks is led a tream developing new Anti-Bullying Guidance for Wales. With Jonathan Charlesworth of EACH, Robin Richardson of Insted and Carole Phillips formerly of Crickhowell High School in Powys.


Cyberbullying and e-safety: new approaches

New CPD accredited course offered.
In your school for staff or join a training day with other schools.

A bespoke version of this course is offered for workers in the care sector.

INSETS can be booked via Osiris Educational.

  • A Whole School Approach to bullying
    This popular course is available as a one day course.
  • Cyberbullying: new undertstanding of the ecology of risk
  • Sexting: why and what happened – making interventions work.

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Evaluation of services’ responses to young people’s online lives for Dudley MBC. 2017


  • Professional association. Adrienne Katz, Director of Youthworks has joined the Association of Adult and Child Online Safety Specialists.