Cyberbullying and e-safety: What educators and other professionals need to know.

By Adrienne KatzJessica KingsleyPublishers, London, July 2012, ISBN 9781849052764     £ 17.99  weblink to JKP.com

Preventing harm to our young people online and via hand held devices is a priority for schools, parents and other agencies. But has the arrival of Smarphones signalled such a major social change that a re-think is needed? This book offers the experiences and views of over 9000 children and young people. In workshops they discuss the survey results and explore how e-safety advice could be delivered. Right now, they tell us, less than half of them follow what they are taught and the most vulnerable do so least of all. The author calls for a 3 tier delivery approach: universal, targeted and intensive offering extra support to bullyinng victims and certain groups of vulnerable people. With lesson plans, sample policies, activities and masses of ideas this is a practical book grounded in research.
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Making Your Primary School e-Safe 2015

Making Your Secondary School e-Safe 2016


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Bullying in Britain: Testimonies from Teenagers

by Adrienne Katz of Young Voice and Ann Buchanan and Victoria Bream of the Centre for Research Into Parenting and Children at the University of Oxford. 2001 Young Voice. isbn 1-903456-01-0 £12.00 80 pp A4 pb. Illustrated.
An analysis of the views and thoughts of 7000 young people exploring influences in the lives of young people involved in bullying. It identified harsh or neglectful parenting style, family togetherness levels, experience of violence, depression, attitudes to school and much more. Ideas for classroom discussion are also given.  Electronic version is downloadable HERE


Bullying:You Can Help Your ChildPublished by Young Voice

This slim booklet contains useful information for parents on how to react if their child is bullied. It is a partnered by another booklet containing first person stories from parents. There is also a useful fold out card containing useful phone helplines and websites along with a step by step guide on what to do.

 The total pack: £6.50 plus p&p Discounts for bulk purchases.

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Have Fun With Cooped Up Kids

by Adrienne Katz 1987,  Judy Piatkus Publishers London.  Illustrated 128 pages ISBN 0861886232. 
Creative activities to stimulate the mind  and the imagination: dressing up, magic, story telling, music painting and d
ozens of creative projects offer an escape from the world of rainy  days and confined spaces with young children under 8. (Available via Amazon and ebay as it is now out of print.)

image of book cover Naturewatch 

by Adrienne Katz,
Illustrated    by
 Bridget Lewer, (1986)  Judy Piatkus Publishers Ltd, London, 128  pages  ISBN  9780201104578  
You and your child needn’t take to the wilds to appreciate the natural world. Written while living in the concrete inner city in London, Naturewatch offers dozens of ways to explore and learn from the natural environment. More than 50 fun and easy projects to do with young children are explained in easy steps with drawings. No special equipment or skills needed. (Available via Amazon and ebay as it is out of print.)


Parenting Under Pressure: Prison
by Adrienne Katz, Illustrated. Young Voice. 162 pages. ISBN 1-903456-09-6 162  £14.00 p;us p&p
The author starkly reveals how families try to maintain closeness when one member is in prison. The impact on children and other relatives is enormous. They may grieve as if they have lost their father son or partner, but there is no sympathy for them as there would be with a bereavement. Many parents do not tell children the truth – leading some to believe they have been abandoned. Some children are in risky situations as they are left in the care of relatives in informal unmonitored arrangements that are not always safe. In their own words, prisoners and their relatives talk about the impact prison has on their relationships and how some have developed ways to maintain contact.

This programme of work funded by the Home Office and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, showed how important family ties were in the resettlement phase. Where prisoners were not able to re intergrate into their family after release they were very likely to reoffend, while the main reason to go straight was often their family ties. The interviews were carried out with team members within Young Voice.


Young People: from Prison to Parenthood. A Toolkit for Services.
Adrienne Katz, David Stockdale and  Clare Collis. Young Voice 2007. 104 pages Illustrated. ISBN 978-1-903456-26-2

This toolkit sets out ways of working with young parents in prison to enhance their chances of successful family life after release. By working with them when they become parents, the approach takes this life changing moment to address a range of aspects of their lives and help them towards parenthood. There is evidence that strong family ties make re-offending less likely.  The argument is also made that the children may have a better chance in life if their young parents are supported.  Using face to face interviews and discussions with young prison parents, this toolkit is a breath of reality.

£25.00 plus p&p.

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