A new HUB of advice, support and activities for young people with SEND enables them to make the most of their social media.
Created in partnership with Internet Matters and supported by Facebook, this is where you will find an array of ideas, tools, downloadables and animations to guide teens and their parents, carers and teachers. We are proud to offer this  creative way of addressing such important issues and the concerns expressed to use by parents  and in workshops and consultations,by young people.

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New Infographic: Online Safety Advice from Parents 2017/8
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 infographic: Bullying 2017
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 Making Your Secondary School E-Safe £22.99      DISCOUNT OFFER & REVIEWS


Making Your Primary School E-Safe‘ £15.99

Please order from www.jkp.com
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This new title from Adrienne Katz argues for a whole school coherent approach to teaching e-safety to primary school children. Schools are offered a complete package: classroom activities, ideas for staff training, policy and procedure, what children need to know and how to help the vulnerable ones.

Are we delivering e-safety messages that stick? The author has questioned over 36,000 children and young people since 2008 and finds that we are not becoming more successful. In this book she argues that we need to make e-safety exciting, relevant and fun.

232pp A4 size, paperback. £15.99

ISBN 9781849055

CYBERSURVEY Current projects 2020

Youthworks is analysing the 2019 Cybersurvey and issuing reports on a wide range of issues. Please visit our Cybersurvey pages for the latest news.

In Their Own Words. The Digital Lives of Schoolchildren   14th October 2020

This report looks at the entire Cybersurvey, explores new themes and changes over the years.


Look At Me: Teens, Sexting and Risks. 
June 2020
Here we explore the reasons teens are sexting,
how they understand relationships and the ripples of risk that frequent image sharers come across.


With our research partner, Dr Aiman El Asam of the University of Kingston, we have been awarded a research grant in the e-Nurture programme

The project titled Vulnerability, Online Lives and Mental Health: Towards a New Practice Model” has financial support from the e-Nurture Network and UK Research and Innovation (Research Council Grant Ref:  ES/S004467/1).

Youthworks evaluated ‘Make a Noise’ an anti-bullying  programme, run in a partership between Internet Matters and the anonymous reporting tool, tootoot. Funded by DfE.

We surveyed student opinion and experiences on equality issues for Sussex Coast College in a project with Priority 154.Funded by HEFCE. 

Our research paper Vulnerable Young People and Their Online Risks was published by the Journal of Human-Computer Interaction Read More

We wrote a report for policy makers and frontline professionals about this research:
Vulnerable Children in a Digital World



Cyberbullying and e-safety: New Approaches £18.99

‘This well-researched book provides ideas, models, guidance and plans that should help you prevent cyberbullying. It will help you understand the experiences and needs of those suffering. It doesn’t provide just evidence, but also offers good ideas on how to respond.’
– The Teacher




 Other books by Adrienne Katz:

Making Your Primary School e-Safe  2015

Making Your Secondary School e-Safe  2016



 for Teach.com: 
When political waves hit schools, teachers can be bastions of calm.

  for JKP publishers,

Guest blog for e-safety support

Delivering continuous        e-safety support to prevent online bullying

Article for Teachers’ Media, here

Article in Education Business here

GUEST BLOG for Osiris Educational with infographic

Animation of the Reach Cybersurvey messages on homophobic cyberbullying

‘Safeguarding Hub’ Nov/Dec 2013

‘Children and Young People Now’, 12-25 November 2013 contributor to ‘Taking on the Cyberbullies’ pp 23 -25




New Round of the Cybersurvey, 2019  Around 16,000 young people took part across the country. The Cybersurvey is a carefully developed online tool to explore the experiences and views of children and young people on their online lives.

Core questions used since 2008 enable comparisons and modernised sections keep it up to date. This survey can give your service the local information you need to shape your practice. Compare your data year on year, focus on specific issues or compare with other local areas.

We look at cyberbullying and the effectiveness of e-safety education along with a range of other experiences online that are potentially harmful.

New current issues are included such as viewing extremist content, pro-anorexia sites or ‘sexting’.

We offer CPD accredited training to schools, care settings, local authority front line practitioners and professionals.

Our research programme forms an evidence base for our training, evaluation and work with  those who deliver online safety education or work with those children and young people who are vulnerable online. Dr A. El Asam of Kingston University leads the research programme.

Over 52,000 young people have participated in this valuable time series project.This information is vital for:

  • Local e-safety teams,
  • Training programmes
  • Safeguarding boards
  • Local Authority Action Plans
  • Schools’ internal e-safety programmes

Please contact us to enquire about your county, local authority area or academy chain undertaking this survey, or for the CPD accredited training programme. Explore the richness of our reports: 


All publications from the survey are free and online.

Reports and special briefings exploring particular issues are offered.

Animation of the Reach Cybersurvey messages created by charity Each Action Challenging Homophobia with whom we collaborated in 2015.


Please contact us if your local authority or academy chain would like to commission a Cybersurvey for your area or schools. We can survey a group or cluster of schools or other settings.