Youthworks can help with Documents, Reports, Annual Reviews, Media Releases, Books, DVDs, Resources and Toolklits, as well as training manuals and leaflets.

We aim for:

  • A clear accessible style
  • Simplifying complex material with diagrams and tables
  • Explaining research results

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Where is the love? A DVD exploring controlling and violent behaviour in young people’s dating relationships. Made with Surrey Youth Development Service and Young Voice. £16.99 plus p&p



Just One More. A DVD exploring parents’ alcohol misuse. Made with Surrey Youth Development Service and Young Voice £16.99 plus p&p


When Parents Part. A DVD and resource pack offering messages from research with children and young people on their experience of the breakdown of their parents’ relationships. This DVD is used by CAFCASS, Relate and mediators to help parents focus on their child’s point of view at this time. Made with a grant from the governent’s Strengthening Families Grant this resource is being widely used and has recently been dubbed in several languages. The messages were developed during this 3  year project by gathering the views and experiences of children and young people in a number of innovative ways.  £16.99 plus p&p


Customer comment:

I’ve been presenting Separated Parent Information Programme for a few years now and I wanted to inform you of the positive comments from parents and our other SPIP trainers regarding the DVD.

I will be looking at how the DVD can be used as part of Family Group Conferencing – as it will be a most useful tool at a family meeting, when parents and extended family will be able to see things from a ‘child’s point of view’.’

I wish you every success for the future.

Kind regards


Loraine Whitehouse

Co-ordinator / Mediator/SPIP Trainer

Mediation & Group Conferencing


Stop Hitting Mum! Powerful and moving messages and drawings from young people in refuges and other situations where they have experienced domestic violence in their home. Interviews were undertaken by a team led by professor Audrey Mullender, at Warwick University. Edited by Adrienne Katz, designed by Peter Hamilton.

Parent Problems! and Parent Problems 2.These two powerful books were developed from a qualitative longitudinal study pioneered at Leeds University by Bren Neale and her colleagues. In the first book a range of children are interviewed about the impact of their parents’ parting, while in the second book we hear from the same children – now considerably older – as they look back over what happened and how they are now.



Publications for clients

 Health issues


Health: attitudes, behaviours and experiences of over 1000 young people.

Sources of advice: how effective are they? Stress and depression, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Worries about other people’s health in the family.


Anti Bullying strategies beyond mainstream school

Links for a Safer Community

A coherent community approach.

Taking anti-bullying work beyond school and into the community.


Drug awareness

The Drugwise and The Drug


2062 young people from inner London discuss drugs from every angle. We learn of their life in their neighbourhood, their knowledge and understanding of drugs and their effects, we learn too of the reasons why some are driven or attracted to use them. Links with depression, bullying and feeling unsafe are identified.


Anti Bullying Resource pack

The DECIDE anti-bullying strategy pack

Contains ‘Towards an anti-bullying policy’ for the school

If your child is being bullied…

If bullying is making your life a misery…

Issues for classroom debate—lesson plans, pupil and teacher sheets.

Picture Book for primary school pupils— ‘Draw the Line at Bullying. By Louise Alexander.’

Selected Publications